Kelly Allen Gray has served as the Councilmember for Council District 8 in Fort Worth since 2012.

Community Service is nothing new to Allen Gray. She started early in her District 8 neighborhood, going door to door, when a neighbor died collecting money that was presented to the bereaved family.


It was this early community service that gave Kelly her first opportunity to walk District 8, learning her neighbors and their needs. Later, as the Executive Director, of the United Riverside Rebuilding Corporation, she continued this service by assisting many of those same neighbors in accessing assistance in weatherizing their houses, obtaining needed home repairs and building new homes for first time home buyers.

She has used proven tools gained from her community revitalization experience to develop new ways for District 8 to progress. The core of her success is engaging citizens to ensure that each resident has a rich quality of life and every family has a safe environment in which their children can thrive.

Her service as a city council member has been focused on expanding a network of quality, safe, and affordable housing across the city for first-time homebuyers and renters, while actively seeking ways to develop permanent supportive housing to assist in making homelessness short term and non-reoccurring.

Councilmember Allen Gray represents the city as an Executive Board Member on the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Her civic board service includes: Chair of the Trinity Habitat for Humanity Advisory Committee, Trustee for Texas Wesleyan University, and Past President of the Texas Association of Black City Council Members.

Allen Gray is a graduate of Polytechnic High School and Texas A&M–Commerce. She and her late husband, Billy have a blended family of three sons and 1 son, Ryland from their union.