“I Stay Home For” COVID-19 Video Challenge

“I Stay Home For” COVID-19 Video Challenge was a video campaign launched back in April to encourage residents across Fort Worth to stay home and stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Watch the videos below


Courtesy of Fort Worth Star Telegram (May 2, 2020)

Did your member of Congress, state, county or city officials warn anybody bluntly to stay 6 feet away from other people, or to cut out the big parties, or to stop taking the whole family to the grocery store?


When election time comes, remember who led and who didn’t.

(And remember who used social media to help us and who didn’t.)

Fort Worth Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray has used Facebook as both a comforter and as a club..

She tips residents on where to find food, help and hope while adding her own commentary: “Until we see [President Donald] Trump, [Gov. Greg] Abbott and other ranking elected officials getting on planes, on the golf course, and hosting events we need to #StayHome. Their words DON’T match their actions.”

Gray and fellow Councilwoman Gyna M. Bivens both voted against Fort Worth’s resolution that accepted Abbott’s “Open Texas” orders without added city directions.

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